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International Turned Objects Show (ITOS)

September 17 – November 13, 1988

Exhibited at the Port of History Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Jonathan Benson
Bruce Bernson
Gottfried Bockelmann
Edward J. Bosley
Michael J. Brolly
Casey Burns
Broder Burow
Alfred L. Chapman
Peter Chapman
M. Dale Chase
Michael Shane Chinn
Clead Christiansen
Fletcher Cox
Rodney D. Cronkite
Frank E. Cummings III
Mike Darlow
Joe Dickey
Robert Dodge
Leo Doyle
Addie Draper
Bill Duravochic
David N. Ebner
Dennis Elliott
David Ellsworth
J. Paul Fennell
Ron Fleming
Ciaran Forbes
Richard Gillam
Giles Gilson
Michael N. Graham
Debra Gray
Steven J. Gray
Wendolyn Leigh Hammer
Dave Hardy
Bob Harris
Dane Hobbs
Stephen Hogbin
Michelle Holzapfel
Robyn Horn
Michael Hosaluk
Todd Hoyer
Lynne Hull
Ted Hunter
William Hunter
Bob Ingram
C. R. "Skip Johnson
Tobias John Kaye
Tom Kealy
Richard Kell
Ron Kent
Ray Key
Bonnie Klien
Joe Kleinhans
Frank M. Knox
R. W. (Bob) Krauss
Max Krimmel
Andreas Kutsche
Dan Kvitka
Stoney Lamar
Bud Latven
William Leete
Robert Leung
Mark Lindquist
Melvin Lindquist
Steve Loar
David Loewy
John Macnab
Jack Mankiewicz
Pamela Martin
Bruce Mitchell
Michael D. Mode
Ed Moulthrop
Philip C. Moulthrop
Maurice Mullins
Dale L. Nish
Liz O'Donnell
Michael O'Donnelly
Liam O'Neill
Rude Osolnik
Jim Partridge
Stephen Paulsen
Michael Peterson
James Prestini
David Pye
George Radeschi
Richard Raffan
Gail Redman
Hap Sakwa
Robert F. Salmonsen
Merryll Saylan
Lincoln Seitzman
Wilmer L. Senft
Mark Sfirri
Palmer M. Sharpless
Joanne Shima
Michael Shuler
Alan Stirt
Bob Stocksdale
Jack Straka
Bob Street
Del Stubbs
Richard D. Sullivan
Richard H. Sumerfield Jr.
Peter R. Thilbeault
Maria van Kesteren
Bill Wallace
Christopher L. Weiland
Vic Wood

About International Turned Objects Show (ITOS)

In 1988, the Wood Turning Center (now The Center for Art in Wood) organized the first major survey exhibition of international lathe turned objects. It was comprised of both invitational and juried components. The invited artists were selected based on their individual contributions to the field of wood turning, whether it be objects, teaching, or writing. The invited artists were asked to self-select three pieces for the exhibition. Jurors for the exhibition came from both inside and outside the field of lathe turning. A general international call for entries was made. The jurors selected what they felt were quality lathe turned objects showing the full range and diversity of the contemporary lathe turning field.

International Lathe Turned Objects was a hugely popular exhibition that greatly expanded the audience for lathe turning. The exhibition contained a diverse collection of objects, ranging from traditional and functional to sculptural and decorative pieces. There were bowls, boxes, furniture, musical instruments, jewelry, decorative objects and sculpture. Over a hundred artists from 10 countries were represented and 275 objects were shown. The exhibition toured the United States and left its mark on loyal followers everywhere it went. It was followed by an international tour from November 1988 to December 1992, circulated by the International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C.