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Welcome back to the Windgate Residency Blog!  The residency officially ended the first week in August, but I have been traveling and catching up with the life and work I abandoned to spend a summer in Philadelphia with amazing artists and friends (worth it), and am just getting back up to speed.  I did want to finish this blog before September hits though, and I am running out of time!

So Week 4 was a whirlwind of fun activities, but was so busy we didn’t have a lot of time in the studio.  Weeks 5 and 6 made up for it!  All of us had an idea of what our final projects were going to be and spent these two weeks putting in lots of hours to wrap them up.

Chris focused mostly on his guitar, but had a few side projects as well.

Chris continued working on his solid-body guitar made from the beautiful sitka spruce board he picked up!

Neck attached and showing off the (almost) finished object!

Meanwhile, Kailee Bosch used the time to batch parts for a bunch of final projects.  The works wouldn’t come together until the last week in studio, but each part went through a series of steps – cleaning, sandblasting, patinaing, etc..


James worked on a few large-scale projects at once, but was always willing to take time out to talk to others about what they were doing.  He and Janice hit it off, and kept making each other laugh.  It was great to watch.

Janice was everywhere working on a bunch of different projects that all coalesced into a final wall-hung shelf.  From CNC work to milk-painted samples, to stave constructed sculptures, all of her explorations presented themselves as one beautiful cohesive piece in the end!

Playing with form at a reasonable scale! Janice made several paper and veneer models.

Janice used the Nextfab CNC router a lot!

One of the parts cut out full scale and the model for a reference!

The staved lower section, and Janice and James talking about art, the universe, and airplanes.  

Wait, how DO I clamp this??  Janice used strap clamps and plywood boards to help her make joinery and assemble her piece.  So smart!  

Meanwhile, my cabinet form was coming along, and I was doing LOTS of drawing and carving.