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Week two started a little late for a couple of us – Janice and I didn’t get back from the DC/Maryland trip until Monday afternoon.  James was busy for the week, so from Tuesday to the weekend it was mostly Janice, Chris, and me.  I did a bunch of carving and drawing, Janice started using the Shopbot and making staves for some experiments, and Chris wrapped up not one but TWO plane projects!

Chris has several projects lined up for the summer, and brought in some chip carving samples to think about

The Fore Plane complete! Chris is really interested in the size, shape and location of the tote on this – offset so that you can keep part of your hand on the side of the plane as you push it.

A thing of beauty – and it works beautifully!

Chris’ second plane is a large router, the knife and metal components come from a kit, but he made the body. The blade is straight, making it much easier to sharpen than a regular router plane blade!

Chris at work

Meanwhile, Janice started working on some experiments with angled and tapered staves.

And playing with patterns on the shopbot!!

I got a little set up in my room for the summer, so that I can write and draw and paint

And started carving on some little friends!

There we go, now it looks like something

Also finding time to do drawings and illustrations