We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

Week 4 was a busy one!  D Wood, the group scholar, arrived from Toronto and split her time between the Center for Art in Wood’s wonderful library and talking to each resident.  As the visual documentarian, I COMPLETELY FAILED to get a picture of her early in the week, but I promise she was there!!!  She will appear in the next posts about our field trips.

In the shop, we finally had a few days where all of us were together making our different pieces, carving, painting, filing, constructing, roboting, assembling, sanding, smiling, and occasionally eating lunch together.  It was lovely, and a great way to start a week that involved two BIG days of field trips and ended with our Open House.

Janice works the surface of one of her samples while Kailee files parts in the background.

Kailee and a pile of parts. There are so many steps to each of these pieces, and she makes it look effortless in the end.

Oops. Who let Katie play with the pile of parts??

My small army of friends continues to grow! Love this quiet carving time.

Chris works on his guitar while James is working on his sculpture in the background.

James adds parts to his sculpture.

This piece has so much energy in it, it feels very alive.

Speaking of alive, Kailee is working on her pieces and running the 3D printer to make models for future works constantly. I wish I had this multitasking ability.

Huzzah!!! This group will NOT sit still long enough for me to remember to get a photo, but we finally made it happen over lunch. What a great group of wood people!!