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Text and sketches by “Sketch Artist,” Amy Forsyth

This past week was the first one where we really were able to start working and focus for an entire week without interruption. Our heads were full of new ideas and images from our past couple weeks’ activities and visits, but we found ourselves beginning with projects that felt comfortable and familiar.  Once we get going, I imagine that we’ll become more experimental, but at the moment, everyone seems to be working in their usual mode.  I’m finding that making drawings is taking all of my time, and haven’t really ventured into the wood shop very much, as I had intended. Everyone else is making enough dust and shavings to make up for it.  Especially Hartmut, who was working in the other room with an electric chainsaw, and Josh, who has been continuing his rigorous sculpture-a-day schedule.

Josh carving

Heide has been experimenting with turmeric dye, and has found that poplar accepts dye well, especially in sequential layers.  She’s got some beautiful and very bright yellow boards.

bird skeleton

I discovered a lending library of skeletons on the third floor, and took out a pigeon skeleton to draw.  That then led to the necessity of visiting the Museum of Natural History to draw dinosaurs.


T-rex head

It was pretty loud in there. The camp counsellors should be paid way more than they get.

Meanwhile, Hartmut was carving.

Hartmut carving


Navva stopped by for a visit, to make some plans for our upcoming Open Studio, etc.

Navva visit

…and I started a drawing of one of the amazing collectors’ houses. These are the “thumbnails,” trying to decide which of the images to turn into a finished drawing.

residence thumbnails

This week, I will be focusing on each of the residents, making drawings of them, their processes, and their work.

residents in phila

The residents in the city!

Ellie has some photos she’d like to share, so you’ll hear from her, soon.

Hi Ellie here with more pictures from our action packed days – how about some from Philadelphia’s Organic Recycling Center?!