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Tucked away in a remote corner of Fairmount Park, is a place where all of the trees cut down in the city eventually wind up.  Welcome to the wood dump.  Log piles of cherry, varieties of oaks and pines and many other woods lay strewn about – waiting for Gus to lead the ITE residents into this gold mine of raw material.  Gus, an arborist, a tree surgeon and a wood turner himself, has enjoyed taking ITE residents to the wood dump for years and without him, we’d probably be scrounging for sticks.  Many thanks goes out to Gus and The Fairmount Park commission for opening this resource to our residents.

The Wood Dump, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia


Luc DeRoo finds what he's looking for.

WonJoo Park & Jay Heryet talk about some found objects.

Gus cuts up some prime pieces for Derek.

WooJoo ponders the details

Gus loves to help the ITE residents.

The Bounty