We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

Orientation Day at the Wood Turning Center is something like going down the rabbit hole into the world of art and inspiration.  As a visual person, I’m going to claim that I’m speechless… or else it would take a day to write all the news we have to share.  Here are a few glimpses into this world that place faces to the cast of characters and shed some light on whats about to happen at the 2010 International Turning Exchange.
But first THE NEWS:  It was announced that Stefano Catalani will be our resident scholar this year!  And this morning we met Jane Swanson and Tara Inman-Bellofatto, who are our guides at The University for the Arts.  Most of all, a very special thank you to everyone who makes this extraordinary program happen!

Ron got us all set up and ready to go

Jane welcomes us to the studio at UArts

Tina & Albert welcome us to the Wood Turning Center

Tara listens in

Luc DeRoo

Irene Grafert

Wonjoo Park

Jay Heryet

Derek Weidman

Dave Huntley