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Hello from Indianapolis where I am practicing my new social-media skills in preparation for documenting the activities of the 2016 Windgate ITE International Residency, sponsored by The Center for Art in Wood, Philadelphia. Five resident artists, a historian, and a journalist will work together for 10 weeks of creativity and community; fun and laughter; and getting-down-and-dirty, intense work! Our base of action will be the wood studio at the University of the Arts in downtown Philadelphia. In addition, we will participate in Echo Lake Collaborative, present a session at the Furniture Society Conference, and travel to Washington, D.C., to visit museums and private collections. Follow our journey, and post your comments and questions! — Betty J. Scarpino, Photojournalist 

Eriksmoen, Ashley | Australia | Artist

Forsyth, Amy | PA, USA | Artist

Hudnall, Katie | IN, USA | Artist

Rebecca Kolodziejczak | PA, USA | Student at UArts

Saylan, Merryll | CA, USA | Scholar

Scarpino, Betty | IN, USA | Photojournalist

Stone, Michaela Crie | ME, USA | Artist

Wangphongsawasd, Nucharin | Thailand | Artist