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Hello from Philadelphia! The 2019 residents have touched down, moved in, and started working! I am Amy Forsyth, this year’s “photojournalist.”

You’ll see that this year’s documentation is a bit different, since I proposed to draw everything instead of photograph it this year. Known as “reportage,” these drawings will clearly acknowledge my own interpretation as the lens through which the residency will be viewed. We’ve become used to the fallacy that photography is objective, and by returning to drawing as my medium of communication, I’m making it clear that these ideas and images are subjective. The other residents also have the option to write and provide images on this blog, as well, but it’s my main responsibility during the residency. Before we arrived, I looked up the other residents on the internet and did portraits of them, just to see how different the drawings will be of people I’ve never met, as opposed to what they’ll be like once we’ve all lived and worked together for two months. The following drawings are the ones that I did before meeting the other residents.  I used several different media, in part because of projected personalities and also because I like the variety of effects. Here’s an introduction to this year’s residents.

Per portrait

Per Brandstedt, Artist, Sweden

Heide portrait

Heide Martin, Artist, Maine, USA

Hartmut portrait

Hartmut Rademann, Artist, Germany

Ellie portrait

Ellie Richards, Artist, North Carolina, USA

Josh portrait

Joshua Enck, Artist, New York, USA

Jacob portrait

Jacob Zimmerman, Student Artist, Delaware, USA

Amy portrait

Amy Forsyth, “Photojournalist,” Pennsylvania, USA

John Duane portrait

John-Duane Kingsley, Scholar, Michigan, USA

Stay tuned for more drawings! We’re all excited to begin! Amy Forsyth

Hi! Ellie here..

Going to supplement Amy’s wonderfully thoughtful posts with some images I’ve taken from our ITE experience!  Let’s start with the woodshop! and our pretty pink bandsaw!