We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

The ITE fellows’ exhibition was a great success with many people attending and lots of good energy, and wonderful work filling the space. Albert LeCoff spoke to attendees and patrons about the value of the ITE program in supporting wood workers and artists with the 9-week fellowship. The positive results were evident in the excellent variety of work exhibited. Many patrons, board members, friends and family showed their support for the artists by attending the exhibition as well as the fantastic dinner afterwards at Paradisio Italian restaurant in South Philadelphia.
The opening - 3

The opening - 17

Twin brothers Alan and Albert.

The opening - 26

Many children enjoyed Winifred’s interactive installation of the sounds of wood where she videotaped the fellows creating their work and the sounds which came out of the process.

The opening - 43

Photojournalist Winifred Helton-Harmon takes a break from photographing to enjoy conversation with wood artist Jack Larimore.

The opening - 44

The fantastic Center for Art in Wood staff: Katie, Lori, and Lauren.

The opening - 48

Albert presents Jay Cox, manager and facilitator at the UArts wood shop, with a token of appreciation for all his hard work for helping the fellows to accomplish great things during their fellowship.

The opening - 65

Albert thanks the staff for all their hard work too.

The opening - 66

Museum docent Carol, enjoying the festive time.

The opening - 87

ITE scholar, Seth Bruggman, and fellow Grant Vaughan enjoy a moment.

The opening - 93

Patrons discuss Adrien Segal’s sculpture.

The opening - 94

Julia Harrison discusses her door piece with attendee.

The opening - 46

Albert talks with crowd about the importance of the ITE fellowship.

The opening - 69

More kids enjoying the video and sounds of woodworking.

The opening - 15

Jack Larimore and Bob Miller enjoy a conversation about the exhibit.

The opening - 92

Adrien Segal’s video demonstrating some of her techniques.

The opening - 89

Rex discusses his work with attendee and Board member Doug.

The opening - 9

Rex’s family arrives.

The opening - 6

Jay Cox views Winifred’s photographs while listening to the sounds of wood.

The opening - 5

Winfred’s photographs which captured the ITE fellows’ hands creating work.

The opening - 11

Zina and Karen.

The opening - 10

Rex discusses work with attendee.

The opening - 13

Rex Kalehoff’s mother enjoys Zina’s traditional spoons.

The opening - 14

Attendee photographs some of Rex’s wonderful wooden sculptures.

The opening - 34

Patron views Zina’s spoons with Mother and Child piece in background.

The opening - 84

Child interacts with the sculpture pile of sawdust which Winifred collected from the fellows work over the course of their 6 weeks they worked.

The opening - 88

Tina LeCoff can be seen speaking to attendee.

The opening - 4

Adult attendees enjoyed the interactive video installation as well.

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