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The fellows are onto new beginnings. New art pieces are evolving on what seems like a daily basis. Rex is working on a very large sculpture. Zina is working on new techniques and ideas combining turned pieces with traditional Romanian carving. Adrien is beginning work on her new piece. Grant has begun carving on two new works that resemble Ginko leaves. Julia is carving a new piece as well.


Rex Kalehoff’ sketchbook (given to every fellow as a gift) full of drawings for new pieces. His wooden model is in foreground. Lots of other carvings in the background.

A detail of Rex Kalehoff' 6' high drawing.

A detail of Rex Kalehoff’ 6′ high drawing.

New work - 2a

The plasticine model used as the first step in Rex’ creative process – the wooden model.

New work - 3

Rex’ Carved pieces which will be used for some collaborative pieces with Zina Burloiu.

New work - 5

Rex Kalehoff’ beautiful carved wooden hands – approx. 2″ long.

New work - 6

Rex’s carved small heads. Approximately 3″ tall.

New work - 11

Zina Burloiu’ turned and carved work with very detailed, beautiful edge carving. Approx. 4″ x 4″.

New work - 9

Interesting Zina piece where design is going off the object.

New work - 12

More Rex Kalehoff carvings which will be used in collaborative pieces with Zina.

New work - 15

Grant Vaughan’s new pieces evolve from his plywood models.

New work - 14

Grant’s model with carved piece. Approx. 5″ W x 6″ L

New work - 17

The cut wooden piece ready for carving.

New work - 18

Grant’s creative process: Actual ginkgo leaf, paper model, beginning of carved piece.

New work - 20

Adrien Segal begins new work by drawing on her cut piece of wood.

New work - 22

Julia Harrison carves a new object for her new work.

New work - 23 New work - 24