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Photo on 7-3-14 at 1.53 PM
This past week we have finally started to sink into a flow of making. Most of us have jumped right in, mostly experimenting with new ideas and materials. I started this residency thinking I would be spending most of my time editing a documentary about artists and the lifestyles they lead. As well as photographing the other residents. So far there have been a lot of field trips and most of my time has been spent taking pictures for you all to see on this blog. I have also been playing with some wood ideas, a spoon, a bowl and now I’m excited about making books with wood veneer covers.  I made my first test (a sketch book) last week and plan to make a photo book as well, I was very excited to learn I am able to use the imaging labs at UArts to make prints! A lot of the images I have taken show process and what we have been up to but there are also a few really beautiful images that I feel transcend the documentation aspect and will make an interesting yet beautiful photo essay in art book form.
For the next few weeks I plan to continue documentation but also to get more into my documentary. So far I have only interviewed Jordan and Graeme ( a former ITE resident we met at Echo Lake). I have been waiting to interview everyone until they feel more relaxed around me. I feel we have all gotten to know each other pretty well after all our long road trips.  I plan to finish up these interviews this week and get the editing process underway. Also, incase you were wondering we have decided to do one post a week of each of us writing about our experience. So look forward to those coming out on Mondays! If you are curios to see examples of my work feel free to check out my websites.