We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

Stephen Keeble, a friend of the Mason’s and an avid collector along with his wife Karen, met up with us and whisked us away – safely navigating us through the insanity that is – the DC rush hour.  We weaved our way straight down to Pennsylvania Avenue, where The Smithsonian American Art Museum houses the Renwick Gallery, which temporarily, lies quietly behind 3 stories of scafolding.  It was there that we met Nicolas Bell – a bright young scholarly curator at The Renwick, who kindly gave us the privilege of a tour.  He mentioned a lot of great news for the Renwick this year.  To learn more, visit The Renwick Gallery online.

Steve Keeble in the gallery at The Renwick.

Nicolas Bell

Nicolas talks about the past, present and future of Wood Art.

After our tour, we wandered off, and got inspired.

After meandering through the exhibits, we all gathered outside for our next adventure of the day.  Off we went through the streets of DC to meet Karen, and for a tour of their collection.  But before we climbed into the car, Steve – a proud Washingtonian, led us all down the street to the White House for a visit with Obama… well… no, not exactly… (but it had already been an amazing day and I wondered for a moment, how could this get any better?)   And yes, we did take the obligatory photo in front of the White House but instead, I’ll leave you with this parting shot:

'Resevoir Artists' - Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.