We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

As the group of 6 ITE residents got out of the van, parked in the garage of a fine Washington DC residential building, Jane and Arthur Mason greeted us with big smiles.  Arthur welcomed us through a rather plain garage style doorway – and I admit, I assumed that I would be walking into a hallway, down to a lobby and up an elevator to view a great collection of art.  Instead, instantly, splashes of color from paintings on the wall greeted us and large sculptures had to be navigated as we ascended up the stairs.  My eyes grew wider with every step and before we reached the second floor, we had already stopped several times to hear an anecdote or two about the works we were seeing.
Jane had a fine lunch prepared for the travelers and every bite was served on a piece of art.  After telling a few stories and getting acquainted, Arthur was excited to show us around and we were too.  The Masons began their magnificent collection of wood art in 1986 realizing that fine examples of works in wood from artists around the world needed to be preserved.  Up we went to another floor, and then another, where he opened door after door exposing what he knows to be an important time line of fine art.  Thank you Jane and Arthur Mason for sharing your passion, inspiring us and opening up your home.

Arthur Mason shares the stories behind the pieces in the collection.

Arthur Mason is as passionate about collecting as the artists are about creating.