We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

The most precious moments come when you least expect it.  Stay ready… because one never truly knows what they are in for…
After our visit at The Renwick Gallery, Steve took us on an impromptu tour of a few D.C. highlights via Embassy Row and the National Cathedral.  Soon after, we arrived at the Keeble home, where we were happily greeted by Karen and introduced to their wonderful world of art.  Walking into the Keeble home gives one a sense of balance and comfort.  Each piece of the myriad of art in their collection has its own place, as if the house was designed with the collection in mind – and indeed, Karen & Steve designed their home to suit their passions and priorities.
After a tour of the Keeble collection, we were treated to a fine American summertime tradition – the Bar-B-Que – featuring burgers and chicken, hot off the grill, along with a fresh garden salad.  It was over this meal that we found some great insight into the world of how a collector thinks, at least from the Keeble’s point of view.  Steve, having retired from the publishing industry, shed some light on how an artist might do better in self promotion.  Through that conversation, we all considered the future of promoting wood art in general; and – how do collectors find information on the artists that inspire them?
Touring fabulous collections of art is certainly inspiring, but this kind of sharing of ideas from experts and artists alike, is what makes for a very special and insightful experience for the ITE residents.

Steve Keeble checks out '#5', from the series “Lunar Landscape” by Luc DeRoo. This trompe l'oeil piece is done especially well; an observer might swear it is made of iron.

Karen and Luc speak with passion about various points of view on the Art of Wood.