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Seven wood artists, seven blocks of basswood, dozens of words, a shop full of machines, tools, and supplies, a deadline for the Windgate ITE Residents to finish a collaborative project for the upcoming Furniture Society Conference at UArts  …. combine those ingredients to make shavings, paint, and texture!

Here’s the process: 1) Each artist wrote ten words on individual slips of paper and put them into a box. 2) We cut up a large slab of basswood into seven pieces. 3) Each artist randomly selected a word to use as inspiration and began working on her chunk of wood. Number 1 was written onto the paper, along with the artists’ initials. 4) Each artist will eventually work on all the pieces, each time using a new word, selected at random.


Nucharin Wangphongsawasd, Amy Forsyth, Michaela Crie Stone, Katie Hudnall … concentration!

Ashley Eriksomen started with “fixed” and made a bandaid to repair the cut wood …. things progressed from there.

Bisect (Amy), Organize (Nuch), Rebirth (Michaela), and Folklore (Ashley), with Katie working on Orbit.

IMG_0072 copy

This drawing by Amy Forsyth is her creative way of recording life’s events.

June 8 was an excellent day. This collaborative project is an effective method of becoming acquainted with our new work environment and getting our creative juices flowing!  –Betty J. Scarpino, Photojournalist