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Mark  Brosseau

Mark Brosseau

My practice is driven by curiosity. These paintings are experiments, and I want them to be simultaneously vast and intimate – equally fleeting and precious. They are a physical manifestation of me exploring my experiences: figuring out how I exist in space. I visually feel my way through the space of them. I touch them and feel their surfaces while I work on them. I consider every part of them with both my eyes and fingers. I invite the viewer to inhabit them, engage with the questions I have asked, and come away with their own questions about their space.

For these pieces, I chose objects from the Center’s Collection that communicated an experiential situation to me. I thought about the formal elements of those objects, and used the paintings to explore how those elements could create a space that would give me the same sense that the original object did. The accordion book is a record of moving through the collection and explores the wonderful and strange relationships created by the diverse range of objects closely juxtaposed with one another.

Display by Rudiger Marquarding
Ancient Archaeological Captive by Mark Lindquist
LIM #3 by Dewey Garrett
Nail Fetish for the ITE by Robin Rice, Friedrich Kuhn, and Gordon Ward