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Remarkably the fellows are still making more work. Every day seems to bring more pieces to the shop tables. So many ideas, so little time. At the beginning, time passed slowly and now that the end of the fellowship approaches, time flies by as the fellows’ hands make many movements and assorted sounds in their creation process.

Julia's wooden paint brushes actually work.

Julia’s wooden paint brushes actually work.

WorkingAway6 - 1 (3)

More treats from Julia.

WorkingAway6 - 1

Jay, Grant and Julia enjoy a good laugh together.

WorkingAway6 - 3

Grant’s Strata piece on top of his homemade shipping box (obviously not for this piece).

WorkingAway6 - 7

And yet the beginning of another Rex piece. It will be the brother to the one standing. It always begins with a drawing. Rex does many drawings with books filled with ideas.

WorkingAway6 - 8

Sketching the form.

WorkingAway6 - 10

And next the bandsaw.