We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

The lights aren’t out just yet, but it is sunset time as we wrap up our Windgate ITE Residency this week. Yesterday morning, I visited the Center for Art in Wood and some of our artwork is already hanging on walls and filling up pedestals. A few of us are rushing to put the last touches on a project or two. I’ve been struggling with color choices for the last piece in my IMPRESSIONS series, Embrace the Enigma. Look below and you’ll see why ….



Katie at her almost-always-tidy workbench. The windows have provided an every-changing view of the southwest Philadelphia skyline.


A few polite comments from Michaela and Katie:  “the colors just aren’t working for me yet.” Well, they weren’t working for me, either … a giant Christmas present?! Not what I had in mind. Ashley’s comment confirmed that the colors had to be reconsidered: OMG! It looks like two hunks of raw meet with marshmallow in between! I’m still giggling …. I am embracing the enigma and have since painted the sculpture black.


Ashley confers with Katie on how to make the heart wings move up and down. Success came late last night, and the animation works wonderfully!


It’s a gun with a heart with wings. It’ll be painted gunmetal gray.


Making frames for her paintings.



Amy adds finishing touches to the downtown buildings.

Colorful new painted wood, made by Amy!




A somewhat secret drawer in Michaela’s chest of drawers.


And, on to a new project …. looks intriguing!



Pearls adorn Rebecca’s long slender elements for the crown.


Two different versions of Rebecca’s headbands.



Nuch is boxing up her work to transport it safely to the Center for Art in Wood for Friday night’s gallery opening. It’s First Friday Gallery Tour, so I’m sure the exhibition will be lively and crowded. We look forward to seeing friends and family this weekend to help us celebrate a highly successful residency!

I’m headed back to the studio to brush on one last coat of black acrylic to Embrace the Enigma.


–Betty J. Scarpino, Photojournalist