We are thrilled to welcome you to the Museum for Art in Wood! Access to our exhibitions and permanent collection is free of charge to all visitors.

Hello from Philadelphia! The 2023 residents have arrived!

The residents this year are:


Emma Chorostecki | Toronto, Ontario

Terry Holzgreen | Los Angeles, CA

Adam John Manley | San Diego, CA

Maiko Sugano | Ibaraki, Japan / Tainan, Taiwan

Laura Zelaya | Colón, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Student Artist:

Teresa Audet | Madison, WI / Pittsburgh, PA

Deidre Visser | San Francisco, CA

This year we are without a visual documentarian, so each blog post will be through the eyes of a different resident artist; this week you are hearing from Teresa Audet. I am our student artist this year, receiving my MFA from the University of Wisconsin and promptly moving to Pittsburgh, PA, last month just before starting this residency. I will be telling you all about our first weeks here in Philly and the Echo Lake Collaborative Conference.

Adam, Terry, Laura, Maiko, and Teresa in front of the Museum for Art in Wood. Emma joined us one day late, and Deidre will join us in July.

Shop orientation with Tyler at NextFab.

After lots of orientation at the Museum and at our studio space at NextFab, we swiftly drove up to Bucks County Community College for the Echo Lake Collaborative Conference. It was three long days packed with making things and collaborating with other artists.

Teresa and Laura working on a sculpture together.

Lots of people working together in the woodshop.

Terry at the bandsaw

A collaboration between local artist Greg Mazur and Maiko.

One of the collaborative woodblock prints made.

Carving woodblocks for printing on the first day.

Former resident Janine Wang at the lathe, working on a collaborative piece with Terry.

A collaboration between Janine Wang and Maiko.

Another collaboration between Jananie and Maiko.

A few of the finished pieces at auction.

We arrived home exhausted but inspired, with a car-load of scrap wood, and have been spending this week getting ourselves settled in our new studio. We have new workbenches thanks to the Museum, and a bigger space in Next Fab to make all kinds of things. We had a visit from a new friend we met at Echo Lake who generously donated lots of wood for us to work with (thanks, friend!).

As we continue along with our residency you will hear from the other residents about our progress and eventually our final exhibition, which will open August 4th!