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Yoga and Meditation with Josie

Josie Milliken holds a Ph.D. In Literature and Creative Writing and is E-RYT-200 certified in yoga. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she teaches writing, yoga, and wellness classes. Here, she guides short breathing, meditation, and yoga exercises.* Check back regularly for new sessions.


Neck, Shoulder, & Spine

Common Ailments Affecting the Woodturner: Neck Pain

By Rich Foa. This article was first published in American Woodturner, the Journal of the American Association of Woodturners and is offered here with permission. Learn more at woodturner.org

"There probably isn’t a single woodturner who hasn’t been bothered at some time by neck pain... And while stiff necks are painful when we have them, and a recurrent problem for some, it may be of some relief to learn that such pain is entirely muscular and does not have long-term consequences."

Shoulders, Arms, + Upper Back



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