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Selections from the Collection:
Donations by Bruce Kaiser & Joe Seltzer

March 6 – April 11, 2009

About Selections from the Collection: Donations by Bruce Kaiser & Joe Seltzer

Due to the generosity and commitment of Mr. Bruce Kaiser and Mr. Joe Seltzer, the Center will exhibit samples of the recent donations of 120 wood turned and carved objects to the Center’s permanent collection. From each of Kaiser’s and Seltzer’s private collection, this body of work encompasses a time frame between 1981 and 2004— showcasing 69 American and International wood artists from 8 countries.

In addition to displaying these important gifts, the Center has invited each artist to submit a new piece produced within the past two years to exhibit alongside his or her past work. This ambitious undertaking will provide an inside look at the artists’ individual development within the field. Contrasting and comparing the past with the present will heighten the audiences’ understanding of the continuing evolution of art created from wood. Many of the artists also are represented in other public and private collections around the US.

Over forty years, Bruce Kaiser has been an avid collector of glass, ceramics, and paintings, whose interests turned to collecting wood art. For over 10 years, Kaiser served as the first President of the Wood Turning Center’s Board of Trustees, and continues as a proactive adviser. When asked why he decided to donate this collection, Kaiser said “I am of an age where I was considering what to do with the work — the Wood Turning Center seemed an appropriate place which would appreciate the gift and utilize it to fulfill its mission.”

Joe Seltzer, educator and hobby wood turner, is a passionate collector, organizer, and advocate for wood turning. Joe’s collection started with nothing larger than 6″ pieces. Seltzer is the Vice President of the Bucks (County, PA) Woodturners and the national organization, the Collectors of Wood Art. Seltzer worked alongside the Wood Turning Center in 2008 to co curate the exhibition, “Collaborations at the Echo Lake Conferences: The First Ten Years” which was held at the Center. Seltzer said through this donation “I made an effort to donate work by Bucks Woodturners and others who I believed need to be represented in the Wood Turning Center’s permanent collection.”

Exhibition Artists

Gianfranco Angelino, ITALY
Ed Bosley, DE, US
Philip Brown, MD, US
Christian Burchard, OR, US
Buzz Coren, US
Judy Ditmer, OH, US
Robert Dodge, PA, US
Virginia Dotson, AZ, US
Addie Draper, NM, US
Gorst du Plessis, LA, US
J. Kelly and Linda Dunn, HI, US
David Ellsworth, PA, US
Jean-Francois Escoulen, FRANCE
Melinda Fawver, TN, US
Ron Fleming, OK, US
Linton Frank, US
Mark Gardner, NC, US
Dewey Garrett, CA, US
Giles Gilson, NY, US
Andrew Gittoes, AUSTRALIA
Joe Gulker, US
Susan Hagen, PA, US
Dave Hardy, PA, US

Stephen Hogbin, ON, CANADA
Richard Hooper, UK
Robyn Horn, AR, US
Todd Hoyer, AZ, US
Lynne Hull, WA, US
William Hunter, CA, US
C.R. “Skip” Johnson, WI, US
John Jordan, TN, US
Michael Kehs, PA, US
Ron Kent, HI, US
Stuart King, UK
Bonnie Klein, WA, US
Dan Kvitka, OR, US
Peter Lamb, SC, US
David Lory, WI, US
Terry Martin, AUSTRALIA
John Mathews, PA, US
Hugh McKay, OR, US
Johannes Michelsen, VT, US
Michael Mocho, NM, US
Michael Mode, VT, US
Philip Moulthrop, GA, US
Christophe Nancey, FRANCE

Michael Peterson, WA, US
George Peterson, NC, US
Peter Petrochko, CT, US
Graeme Priddle, NEW ZEALAND
Jason Russell, ON, CANADA
Norm Sartorius, WV, US
Jon Sauer, CA, US
Betty Scarpino, IN, US
Heinrich-Andreas Schilling, GERMANY
Neil and Liz Scobie, AUSTRALIA
Lincoln Seitzman, NJ, US
Joseph Seltzer, PA, US
David Sengel, NC, US
Mark Sfirri, PA, US
Jack Shelly, PA, US
Jack Slentz, NM, US
William Smith, PA, US
Hayley Smith, AZ, US
Dennis Stewart, OR, US
Maria van Kesteren, NETHERLANDS
Remi Verchot, AUSTRALIA
Norris White, PA, US
John Williams, PA, US