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Hogbin on Woodturning:
Pattern from Process

September 19 – October 25, 2013

About Hogbin on Woodturning: Pattern from Process

The exhibition Pattern from Process originated at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, Canada, and presents objects created for the instructional publication titled Hogbin on Woodturning. The 14 objects by Stephen Hogbin in the publication are represented in the exhibition with related material. Reading about the projects included in the publication and seeing the object will help students, educators, and woodworkers develop a clearer understanding of the construction and final quality of their work.

The book and the exhibition will facilitate this process developing a deeper understanding of how each object is made. This will be an ideal relationship for school groups and educational programming. The subject of the book is about the everyday experience in the studio workshop as it applies to the home and community. The familiarity of the subjects is enriched by the imaginative use of materials, form, and the context for which they will be placed.