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Challenge VII: dysFUNctional

October 3, 2008 – January 17, 2009

Challenge VII: dysFUNctional
Challenge VII: dysFUNctional is a new curatorial milestone for the Wood Turning Center (now The Center for Art in Wood). The exhibit creates visual dialogue between objects and videos that never were intended to be together. The initiative creates counter-intuitive installations that epitomize dysfunction, and creates documentation that is Art, as exemplified in museum objects represented in The Book as Art (Krystyna Wasserman et.al., 2006). The work is persuasive in content, form, surface, and movement evoking humor, curiosity and suspicion. By “diss-ing” function, the artists turn the every day into delightful disuse.

“Challenge VII: dysFUNctional” solicits artists’ to address ideas about function and dysfunction through their work. You will see how applicable this would be in any setting where college classes or community programs are training participants in how to develop concepts and turn them into tangible results. Sculpture, photos and installation art, along side contemporary wood art that interprets and teases and explores the possibilities is showcased in this exhibit. Wood is not rejected or ostracized; the artists film, glue, laminate, layer, nail, notch, photograph, and sew wood and other materials into funky visions of disunity, leading to visual seduction.

Participating are thirty one artists from Australia, Canada, England, France Italy, and the US. The curators are Cecil Baker, AIA, the managing principal and the chief designer at Cecil Baker and Associates, Philadelphia; Marsha Moss who curates and consults on Public Art from Philadelphia; Richard Torchia, Artist and Curator at Arcadia University and Ricardo Viera, Director and Curator of the Lehigh University Art Galleries.