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Re Turned Table

Re Turned Table

Re Turned Table
Title: Re Turned Table
Artist: Gord Peteran
Date: 2014
Dimensions: 32in. X 42in. X 16in.
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Credit Line: The Center for Art in Wood Museum Collection, Center Purchase
Object ID Number: 2020.11.10.001
Object Number: OBJ 1227
Signature Location: left side
Inscription Text: G. Peteran 268
Artist Statement:

When one is “referring” to something.
Or regarding something, . . . . . or re – guarding something
we use (re) this, . . . or (re) that.

(re) – the topic of turning
re turning.
“Returned” – sent back to it’s origins,
an object returning to its source.
which in many ways those re-assembled bit’s of turnings ARE
returning to their source.
(slightly re-purposed, re-vised, re-newed, re-known)

minor in your lives , i know,