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Artist Statement and bio- Cha Jong Rye

Artist Statement and bio- Cha Jong Rye

Artist Statement and bio- Cha Jong Rye
Title: Artist Statement and bio- Cha Jong Rye
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Artist Statement:

Cha Jong Rye | Artist
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

My artwork is the visualization of energy in nature. More recently my concepts have broadened to include the flow of power. In these works, hundreds of pieces of plywood show rhythmical patterns that express infinity and eternity.

I think that the artist working in a new environment has many opportunities for artistic achievement and development. I waited for this residency with excitement and curiosity. The ITE residency gave each of us the opportunity to meet with collectors and other artists and the encouragement to go in new directions. Some learned new techniques at NextFab. As a sculptor, I had never tried woodturning before, but was able to do this at University of the Arts. I believe that woodturning can bring the potential for many technological changes to what I do in the future.

I thank the ITE Selection Committee, and also the staff of The Center for Art in Wood, for its support. Above all, I deeply appreciate my fellows who have been kind to me for two months. Finally, I pray that Phil Brown, who hosted our group in Maryland, will rest in heaven.

I have used wood as the main medium in my work for 25 years. Despite this long engagement, wood continues to guide me to new worlds and I am still exploring it.