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Marianne Dages

Marianne Dages

My background is paper; fleet and quiet carrier of words and questions. Wood is something else, so solid, dense, and alive. Yet paper, in all its forms, stems from the bark, the fiber, the wood.

In responding Wonjoo Park’s Smoothing, Turning 03, I focused on the artist’s process, a process she described as inspired by the “negligibility of a piece paper.” In this I saw a connection between our practices, an intent to look with an eye that sees both the mystical and the negligible as valid and acknowledges their equivalents and connections.

This series, titled Reading Variations, is about the negligibility and beauty of our consciousness and perceptions. Fleet sources and thoughts. Belief in world’s beyond our own perceptions. Beauty in the ability in people to create their own realities for whatever reason.

I keep thinking about an illustration of a wave I found in an old children’s book and its caption

One day, the sea will overflow into the valley and roll over all…

Smoothing - Turning 03